Discography - Blair Douglas

Stay Strong : Bithibh Laidir / Rester Fort : RR052
1. Martyn in Mind
2. The Soldiers Lullaby
3. Lewis Love
4. Rester Fort
5. 's Barail Leam!
6. Atchafalaya Morn
7. Taladh An Iasgair
8. Acadie, Sing me home
9. Ceitidh Fiona's Waltz
10. Keep the Ceilidh Funky
11. Mabou, Nam Mile Baibh
12. The Hot Damn Special
13. Tonn Nan Deur
Angels from the Ashes : 2004
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Angels from the Ashes : 2004 RRS035
1. Angels from the Ashes
2. There's a Need (Runrig with Blair Douglas)
3. Solus M'Aigh
  Angels from the Ashes : 2004
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Angels from the Ashes : 2004 RR029
1. Western Soul
2. Angels from the Ashes
3. Storming the Ceilidh
The Lovers Stone
The 'F' in Jig
Dipped, Dosed and Clammered
4. An Gaidheal Uasal (The Noble Gael)
5. The New Island Waltz
6. Mr. Morrison
7. Night Falls
8. Béal na mBláth (Mouth of Flowers)
9. Cross Border Love
10. Waltzing the Last Piper Home
11. Donald Hugh Macleod
The Gocan (The cuckoo's attendant)
La Celta Nostra (The Gaelic Mafia)
The Rockabilly Reel
12. La Fleur de Bayou Noir
(The Flower of the Bayou Noir)
13. Le Stomp de Ceitidh
14. The Celtic Cajun
15. Sonamarg (Meadows of Gold)
Angels from the Ashes : 2004
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Summer in Skye : 1996 SKYE CD09
1. A Summer in Skye
2. The Skye Glen Waltz
3. The Second Sight
4. The Landlord's Walk
5. A' Bhean lonmhainn (The Beloved Wife)
6. lain Angus Douglas's Welcome
to the Big Wide World/
The Woodworker/An Corran Glas
7. The Gugahunter
8. NicMhathain's "Thank You"
9. An Còcaire Beag (The Little Chef)/
Donald Stewart of Kitson Crescent / Maclean of Aird
10. Skye at Last!
11. Fear Beag a' Chridhe Mhòir
(Little One of the Big Heart)
12. Nelson Mandela's Welcome to the City of
13.Ora Nam Buadh
(Hymn of the Graces)
14. Miss Ina MacLellan's Air
Summer in Skye : 1996
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Beneath the Beret: 1990 SKYE CD02
1. Braigh Uige (Braes of Uig)
2. Iain Ghlinn Cuaich
3. Solus M'Aigh
4. Kate Martin's Waltz
5. Celtic Jive
6. Blair's Got a Wah-wah Pedal
(and he's gonna use it)
7. Ghost of Glasgow
8. Growing Up
9. Mardi Gras Music
10. Glove Game (Benny Lynch)
11. Irish Eyes
12. King is King
Beneath the Beret : 1990
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Celtology: 1984 Redburn
1. Failte (Do'n Ghaídhealtachd)
2. Eísd (Ris An Oigridh)
3. Mhaíread
4. Err In Peace / Roisin Dubh
5. Donald Willie And His Dog
6. Range Games
7a. Eilean Uibhist Mo Ruin (Uist My Love)
b. Irene Meldrum's Welcome To Bon-Accord
c. Iain R. Douglas
8. Dark Island
9. Step Dancing
10a. Alex MacEachern's Strathspey
b. Beverley In Barra
11. Gu Tir (Landward)
12a. Alan MacPherson Of Mosspark
b. Crossing The Minch
c. Brolum
13. So'nam Shineadh Air An T-Sliabh
(Tears On The Tide)


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