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With albums spanning five decades from the late 70s till 2010 this is the latest offering on the Ridge-Record label from Calum Martin.

An Dealachdh (The Parting) is an album which is very eclectic in style and showcases all the various influences which have helped shape his music over the years.

This is the follow up to the highly successful Megantic Outlaw Concept Album, which was also released, on Ridge in 2007. 

Calum has been involved in composing, recording, performing and teaching Gaelic music for a great number of years.

Over the last 2 years he has been involved in setting up a new Gaelic Music Course in The Nicolson Institute in Stornoway after spending the previous 16 years as an Itinerant Gaelic Music Instructor in Primary Schools throughout the Island of Lewis.


Donald Morrison was born in the township of Megantic, Quebec in the year 1858, the youngest son of Scots immigrant parents. Years earlier Murdo and Sophie Morrison had been driven by hardship from their native Hebridean Island of Lewis and forced to set sail on The Ship of Hope for a new life in Canada. Building a new life was not so easy for the new immigrants, not only did they have to overcome a harsh environment but deceit and injustice were rife in this Land of Plenty being the youngest, Donald was the last to leave the family home. Like many of his generation, he headed westward to seek his fortune, working as a cowboy, and he became used to the freedom of the wide open spaces, and from this work, sent home regular contributions to help his parents re-pay the debt on the family home. On The Journey Home after 7 years toil, he fondly imagines that by now the debt must be about paid to a Lewis man, like Donald's father, Murdo, a man's word is his bond; he had paid off the family debt with no thought of written receipt, but Macaulay, the unscrupulous money-lender, denied receiving the payments, had the Morrison's evicted from their home, and after The Deceit sold it off to a Frenchman. After trying in vain to obtain justice through the courts, Donald is left with nothing but deep anger and bitterness. Frustrated in his attempts to obtain justice, Donald takes the law into his own hands and, allowing his heart to rule his head, he begins to fall foul of authority.

Despite the fact that there is a price on his head the loyal exiled Islanders and French in the community protect him and it is a known criminal Lucias Jack Warren who is appointed to bring him in dead or alive. After a confrontation in which he kills Warren in Self-Defence Donald is branded as a murderer, he experiences Solitude as he is hounded as The Outlaw; he is now very much on his own, but his loyal friends still protect him, for which he is so Thankful. Even the addition of 100 soldiers brought from Montreal to supplement the local Police, failed to capture the elusive Donald Morrison; utterly frustrated the authorities offer him a truce and Donald, tired of being on the run for over a year is prepared to trust them.

Despite the repeated warning of his friends (especially his close friend Augusta who would meet with him regularly out at Ayres Sugerbush to keep him up to date with all the news and also try to keep his spirits up), Donald once again puts his faith in the law, and in this False Truce. This faith and trust are repaid with treachery, and he walks into The Trap set for him; for Donald his Freedom Days are over, and when he loses his freedom, he also loses his faith in justice, sentenced to 18 years imprisonment for manslaughter, his friends continue the fight for justice, but Donald has lost the will to live.

After 4 years, his friends win him a pardon, but Donald's fight is over, The Sentence Passed, and he dies tragically on the day of his release 19th of June 1894.


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